Infrasound Localisation

Infrasound Localisation

Infrasound (or low frequency noise) is known to affect both the wellbeing and health of human beings. It is often caused by industrial activities far away from where people live.Though detecting low frequency noise can be done by conventional sound pressure microphones, locating the actual position where this noise is generated is difficult with these microphons. As the Microflown transducer remains its directionality in the low frequency range, it offers new opportunities to locate the position of an object generating infrasound. NoiseLOC is a rapidly deployable tool that allows the localization of an infrasonic sound source within half a day.

A single sensor node consists of two orthogonally placed Microflown sensors and a sound pressure microphone, covered by an especially designed wind cap protecting the sensors from wind and rain. Each sensor node is powered by a battery and equipped with wireless communication. A distributed array of these sensor nodes can be used to locate infrasonic sound sources with high accuracy, exploiting the benefits of local signal processing and accurate time stamps. NoiseLOC is finally offering a solution to the market that is able to localise and understand the roots the noise issue. NoiseLOC is based on two right angled particle velocity sensors and a sound pressure microphone designed in a special package for outdoor measurement in all types of weather conditions.

 Performing on-site measurements with NoiseLOC  NoiseLOC sensor
Infrasound localisation, vectors displayed on a map pointing to the noise source

Performing on-site measurements with NoiseLOC        

Microflown Technologies offers this service for Environmental Noise in the Netherlands directly to clients. Another option is that, after sufficient education, an acoustic consultans rents the NoiseLOC to perform the measurements. For more information please contact us under the following email: