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On-site Fast Panel Noise Contribution Analysis

Vehicle manufacturers and first tiers in acoustic treatment are permanently looking for better optimization of acoustic packages in terms of costs, performance and weight. A scattered array of PU probes, so called Panel Noise Contribution Analysis, is a very fast and accurate method to measure and analyse sound source distributions inside vehicles. A typical resolution of over 100 individual panel contribtions are measured. The measurments can be done in a laboratory on a testbench but it is also possible to perform the measurement while driving the vehicle on the road including e.g. wind and tyre noise. S

More information on this application can be found under Panel Noise Contribution Analysis

Arrays up to 48 PU probes, so 96 channels, can be used standard.

The on-site testing services offered is including:

  • equipment
  • support / presence of qualified staff
  • reporting and interpretation of the results


  • Audi
  • Carcoustics / Volkswagen
  • MIRA
  • Opel
  • PZL Swidnik

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