Hand held array

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The hand held array can be delivered with a 12 PU mini array. It is an optional item. Both the hand held grid and the PU Mini array can be used with the Microflown Acoustic Camera solution.

The acoustic camera enables you to visualise sound, as an acoustic picture, or a video. Results are displayed is form of a colour map superimposed over a two-dimensional image of the measured noise source.  Colour representation is used to visualise differences in the amplitude of noise registered at different locations on the surface of the studied noise source. The acoustic camera can visualise the spatial distribution of Sound Pressure, Particle Velocity, Sound Intensity and Sound Power in real time. This can be very useful for sound localization, troubleshooting, benchmarking, or end of line control of products.

The handheld version of the array grid is developed to provide a portable solution, which guarantees that quick and easy scanning of surfaces is possible. The hand held array can be delivered with custom dimensions specific to your application.


Weight: 0.9 kg.
Length: 375 mm
Width: 305 mm
Height: 230 mm