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Scan&Paint 3D
3D Sound Vectors on a 3D model

The Scan&Paint 3D is a groundbreaking portable, all-in-one box solution for acoustic measurements. It is a unique tool for acoustic trouble shooting and sound source localization, allowing you to visualize what you hear. It makes complex problems simple and easy to understand.

In-situ Absorption
A truly in situ method to accurately measure the properties of your material

There are many unwanted noise sources in our industrialised society. Acoustic noise pollution can be reduced by absorbing sound energy. Absorbing material packages are used in many applications to attenuate sound. Knowing exactly the acoustic properties of your materials and the effectiveness of the applied material packages is a requirement to successfully reduce noise levels. The In-situ abortion setup is a solution to achieve just that.
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US Promotion

This year we have a promotion, exclusive for our US clients, to purchase our Scan&Paint 3D in a very attractive offer. Purchase the system within this calender year, so before 31st December 2016, and enjoy a 20% discount on the systems list price and including an iPad with Structure Sensor free of charge. Please contact your localMicroflown representative for more details and terms.
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    Structure Sensor


Visit Microflown at booth#3044 and see our extensive portfolio of solutions based on our unique MEMS Microflown sensor for NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) testing. Reduce the pressure in work and go for velocity!

The NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) comfort of a vehicle is at the top of the list of priorities for vehicle developers nowadays and acts as a parameter by which customers judge cars. This in terms of reducing the noise levels for user comfort as well as noise pollutions to the environment but also how sound is perceived. Development cycles are getting tighter, giving engineers less time to develop cost-effective solutions for noise issues. Measurement systems employed in NVH applications should reflect the industry’s need to minimize measurement time and maximize the relevance of the obtained data. Microflown Technologies is well known for its unique Microflown sensor that measures directly the acoustic particle velocity. With the sensor as base, the company has created many innovative products and solutions for NVH testing. The main customers are Blue Chip Companies in automotive & ground vehicles, appliances & electronics, aerospace & aviation, universities, governmental bodies and more. Within the industry, Microflown sensor enabled vibro-acoustic testing methods provide new possibilities for sound and vibration testing, both during the product development stage as well as for end of line quality control. Applications for near field localization and visualization, far field localization and visualization and in-situ absorption measurements are developed. Particle velocity testing provide distinguished benefits in the technical field as well as shortening the overall measurement time. 


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