Come visit our booth #5046  Microflown Technologies at Novi, Michigan and discover how our testing competencies and range of NVH testing solutions based on our unique MEMS Microflown sensor for NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) testing can help drive your product development. 

Microflown Technologies has been a pioneer in developing unique NVH Testing tools based on the state of the art transducer, Microflown, with the ability to directly measure the acoustic particle velocity. Advancements in vehicular development have brought a rapid shift to fine-tuning the design from the perspective of NVH comfort of the overall car. The focus of development has moved from mere mechanical aspects of fuel efficiency and performance towards functional factors like overall drive experience and acoustics to improve not only the build quality but also the customer perception of the brand. Reliable test campaigns under a range of test conditions are a part and parcel of the product development lifecycle. Particle velocity based testing has the benefits of conducting a measurements ranging from  sound sources localization to acoustic characterization of materials in real scenarios. Visualize your sound sources in easily comprehensible colormaps over wideband frequency range: Hear what you see and see what you hear!

Microflown Technologies, in addition to transforming the possibility of sound visualization a reality, offers you custom high performance testing solutions for your product applications. Complement your world class engineering abilities with our vibro-acoustic measurement expertise to accelerate product development. 

Frontrunner of vibro-acoustic measurements

Sound source localisation
Component noise testing & ranking

Sound Intensity & Sound Power
Contribution Analysis
Acoustic material testing                  Squeak & Rattle noise

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